1. TJM XGS Series 4000 Front Strut
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When you want superior ride quality and advanced offroad performance, you need TJM's range of XGS Suspension. The Series 4000 range uses the latest technology to control your vehicles performance both on and off the road. The XGS Series 4000 Front Strut suits most independant front suspension systems across a wide range of vehicles.

Call or email us today for a quote on a tailored suspension solution for your 4WD. Just remember we are going to ask you a few simple questions. 

1. What vehicle do you own? Make/Model/Year
2. Do you have any accessories fitted? (eg Bullbar, winch, roof rack)
3. What kind of 4WDing do you do most? (long distance touring, towing, weekend trips)
4. What is the reason for your suspension upgrade? (replace old tired factory suspension/fit bigger tyres/improve ride quality?




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