Warranty Info
East Coast 4WD offers a general 7 day warranty on all goods. All claims are to be made within these 7 days, any claim made after 7 days will be accepted at the Company's discretion.
a.        Goods not required must be returned within 7 days of purchase and maybe accepted at East Coast 4WD discretion.
b.        East Coast 4WD will supply all components required to rectify any authorised claims, and reserves the right to supply used components in certain circumstances.
c.        All repairs affected without East Coast 4WD written consent will be the responsibility of the customer.
d.        Warranty is void if parts are dismantled or tampered with. Items returned under warranty must be complete as sold.
e.        East Coast 4WD hold no responsible for any consequential loss or damage, loss of income, or demurrage/downtime because of the failure of the part sold.
f.         It is the purchaser's responsibility to return the unit at their cost.
g.        Title of property does not pass to the purchaser until payment of goods is paid in full.
h.        Warranty is not transferable
i.         Engines fitted with aftermarket turbo or supercharger system are not covered by warranty.
j.         Broken Gears are not covered by warranty under any circumstances.
East Coast 4WD offers a full parts & labour warranty on used mechanical parts for a period of 3, 6, 12 or 24 month period (as specified on invoice) from the invoice date.
Labour costs will not be met unless prior agreement has been made with East Coast 4WD.
Engines are sold as long bare. Accessories and manifolds, if fitted, are not covered by warranty and are not guaranteed to be correct for your model External seals, water pumps, belts and tensioners are not covered by warranty on used engines. All injectors and injector pumps must be tested/or service prior to fitting to reconditioned engines. Closely examine them before installation and swap parts from your original engine where necessary.
East Coast 4WD will not recognise any warranty claim where any failure or defect is caused by:-
1. Insufficient or incorrect oil and/or lubricants
2. Overheating and/or heat tab missing
3. Misuse, overloading, accidents or negligence
4. Failure to carry out proper maintenance
5. Unauthorised repairs, alterations or dismantling
6.  Improper application or installation
Note: In the event of any preliminary signs of malfunction, it is the customer's responsibility to cease operation and to report the problem. Failure to comply with this condition may result in more serious consequential damage and void any warranty entitlement.

In the event of any dispute, a mutually acceptable third party opinion is to be obtained to adjudicate on claims. East Coast 4WD cannot be held responsible for any implied or verbal representations